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"For successful women who elevate the success of their colleagues and themselves
and who have the courage
to leap and then figure out where they will land"

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Throughout my professional career, I was looking for an opportunity to be surrounded by a powerful, successful woman in a supportive business environment. It finally happened as I discovered The Women's Power Pac – the best professional development and empowerment women's group thus far. Our courageous leap led us to experienced exceptional facilitation, leadership, and support by CB Bowman. As a result, each member of the group benefited exponentially. I am happy to share the best-kept secret with other powerful women eager to grow, support, and contribute to each other's success: The Women's Power Pac!

Izabela Lundberg, M.S., Founder Legacy Leaders Institute Tweet

What a privilege to be part of CB Bowman’s Women’s Power Pac—the best professional development group I’ve been in. The extraordinary women CB assembled have befriended me, taught me skills, challenged me and furthered my most important purposes. That’s the nourishing atmosphere CB creates. A few months in, I’ve seen our supportive relationships, mutual learning and CB’s strong facilitation stretch us closer to making our greatest contributions to the world. There's the courageous leadership that CB asks of us all. Multiply our group by thousands and we can create a better future for all!

Libba Pinchot, Founder Better World Visionaries Tweet

The Women's Power Pac group has been the most profound accountability business group I have ever been a part of in my career. The quality of the program, the excellence of the participants and the leadership of CB are all more valuable than I ever anticipated having. I would highly recommend this for any successful professional woman interested in "upleveling" her business.

Janice Perkins, MBA CEO Capacity Board Member Tweet

Having an online business can be a very lonely endeavor, so finding the right support group becomes an essential component of our success. The WPP is that and much more. Under CB's leadership, we are inspired to reach higher goals with more resources and opportunities than we thought possible. Best investment I have done in 2021! Highly recommend it.

Dr. Ana Meikian, Host of MINDSET ZONE Podcast Tweet

- Meetings are held twice monthly via Zoom
- Annual retreat
- Members are nominated by current members