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Workplace Inclusion

Provoking Yet Engaging!

CB Bowman is known as a thought leader with super strength in the area of Workplace Equity, Equality & Inclusion

CB and her team will lead your organization through coaching, consulting, and collaboratory facilitation in experience-based learning to improve the employee experience and increased productivity.

“CB is a visionary. She has the ability to see clearly farther into the future than most consultants. And, just as important, she can mobilize others to make that vision come to life. Her ability to motivate others is based on her talents to create a compelling vision and gain buy-in from others to invest the sweat equity to make the vision a reality. In addition, she has an amazing network of colleagues that provide exemplary service to many of today’s most pressing needs of corporations.”

Dr. Frank Wagner, MCEC, co-creator of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® which has trained the largest network of coaches around the world. He has coached many C-suite executives and senior leaders who have worked to improve their leadership behavior.