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Scaling up Businesses

CB supports solopreneurs in determining the opportunities to increase revenue through line extensions, referrals, partnerships, and alliances.

“CB Bowman is a force of nature. She envisions a goal and pursues it with rigor and vigor. Part of her strength comes from her sense of possibility. She has a keen insight into others and can assess their potential and what they need to do to improve. CB is also a keen marketer. She can look at the abstract and deduce opportunities for change. CB is also a delight to work with. She has been a consultant to me, but I also consider her a friend. A good listener and a straight talker.” John Baldoni, 2021 Global Gurus Top 20; Top 50 Leadership Expert; Top 100 Leadership Speaker; Author of 15 books; Master Corporate Executive Coach; Member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches