Sought after black, female keynote speaker!

CB is a visionary. She has the ability to see clearly farther into the future than most consultants.

Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, Executive Coach, Trusted Advisor

Named one of the Top 50 coaches in the world by Thinkers50
“CB instills pure energy, is brave, loyal, and reliable. 
I am extremely grateful to her for her generous collaboration on our recent AECOP Conference and her inspiring keynote presentation “ The Courage to LEAP first! …then figure out where you want to land”. We wanted to speak about Courage in a specially complex time to make risky decisions and CB brought a motivating, inspiring view and valuable proposals to take action. The conference participants enjoyed her presentation and valued highly positively her contributions. As for me, I feel very fortunate and grateful for having CB in my life.”
Pilar Colilla
Presidenta AECOP 
Asociación de Coaching Ejecutivo y Organizativo

“I had the opportunity to meet CB while I have been part of the organizing team of the 10th AECOP International Executive Coaching Congress. CB shared in the Congress a really inspiring keynote presentation on Courage and Fear Management. I was fascinated by her generosity and integrity in the relationship with her, being able to generate immense trust with her humility and enthusiasm. CB has a great capacity for empathic listening and is able to transform what is difficult into apparently simple and logical ideas. She is an excellent communicator, who generated empowering and positive energy in the attendees, so they were aware of the power in all of us we have to improve in our business and in our lives. It has been wonderful to meet her and to be inspired by her humanity, professionalism, and passion for people.

Noelia Bermúdez Mayoral, 

Gestión Internacional de personas Coaching Ejecutivo (International Executive Coach)


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